25 Random Things about Me

  1. Beer suits me for all occasions and I prefer pilsner-style lagers.
  2. In the fall and winter I like argyle patterns and in the spring and summer I wear a lot of checked shirts.
  3. I drive a nine-year-old Honda minivan and love it.
  4. As a three-year-old boy, I told my grandmother I’d someday have a motorcycle.
  5. Much of the winter is spent inside a pair of microfleece-lined, nylon Rail Riders pants, which are lightweight and comfortable yet fantastically warm.
  6. Once when I was about 25 years old and held cue cards for a living, I was in Bob Hope’s dressing room at NBC studios as one of his writers told this joke: “The Pope’s a passenger on an airplane and is working a crossword puzzle. He asks the nun beside him, ‘What’s a four-letter word for woman that ends in u-n-t?’ The nun says, ‘Aunt.’ The pope says, ‘Can I borrow your eraser?'”
  7. Besides my home state of Nebraska and Michigan, where I reside, my favorite states are California, Utah, Washington, Arkansas, and Tennessee.
  8. When walking the dog on cold winter days, I wear Scott ski goggles, which keep my eyes from tearing up.
  9. Living without a dog is something I can’t imagine.
  10. People tend to underestimate me, but I’m very good at lots of physical skills, and I also know odd things like the postal abbreviations for states and the capitals of many African nations, and it gives me great satisfaction to sneak up and deliver a surprise with my unexpected prowess and knowledge.
  11. I enjoy my wife’s companionship.
  12. If the aliens came tomorrow and took back my wife and I could marry absolutely anyone, I would choose Scarlett Johansson.
  13. Research I’ve done on the rivalry for power at General Motors in the 1960s—just as the company’s Golden Age was drawing to a close—leaves me with a great story to tell, but I can’t find a publisher and don’t have a literary agent.
  14. Ham might be my favorite meat because it tastes so good and there are so many things to do with it.
  15. I live in a suburban sprawl subdivision and like it a whole lot, although sometimes I think it would be fun to have a small farm; but I doubt that Scarlett Johansson would be happy living on it.
  16. With my lottery winnings I’d start spending a couple of months every winter in Costa Rica.
  17. Of friends I’ve lost, the one I’d most like to have back again is Lori K. Soenen, the art director I worked with on many projects: a wonderful person.
  18. I was the shortest kid in my grade, girls included, until sophomore year of high school.
  19. In 1992 I rode my bicycle halfway around Iceland and came home weighing 137 pounds.
  20. I speak a fair amount of Spanish and a little bit of Swedish and keep newspapers from Costa Rica and Stockholm on my homepage.
  21. My TV viewing is pretty much limited to football, car racing, and the nightly news, but I do sometimes watch home remodeling shows with my wife and we have also been enjoying the Fox series “Fringe.”
  22. Remodeling projects around the house are fun, and I enjoy such screwdriver-based undertakings as replacing lighting fixtures.
  23. My favorite clothing catalog comes from Ben Silver & Company, of Charleston, S.C.
  24. I took four years of trombone lessons as a kid because it was my grandmother’s ambition for us to have a family band and get on “Lawrence Welk’s,” as she called it.
  25. During grad school in Fairbanks, I was on-call announcer at KUAC-FM, the NPR affiliate station, and loved that job.

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