Arrival in Costa Rica

A quick hey from Costa Rica. Eve B. showed up on time, a few minutes before 4.00 a.m., drove us to Detroit Metro, and we easily made our 6.00 a.m. flight and no weather problem, as feared. The connection in Miami lavendarflowerp1010007went smoothly, so here we are a short distance from the San Jose airport, already with our rental SUV, a Daihatsu BeGo, and all checked into our motel near the airport. We were just out for a short walk and ended up in Oscar Moore’s American Thunder Motorcycles, located in the nearby Los Arcos shopping plaza, and it turns out that Oscar used to work for Holiday Inn and opened their Washtenaw Avenue location in Ann Arbor in the late-1970s. He’s binational and actually says he works for the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and has this shop as a sideline. I went in to see what he was asking for a BMW 1200 dual-purpose bike: $26,000 USD. It has 11K kilometers. “The guy didn’t like it. He bought a Harley.” Such a bike would sell new for around $15K in the States, I think. Taxes drive up the price of vehicles, clothes, shoes, and trinkets such as chrome accessories for Harleys. Anyway, it was an incredible coincidence and his gracious daughter showed us around the T-shirts and accessories department upstairs, where grandma was sleeping on the couch. “She’s very, very old,” the daughter said in Spanish. I’d guess about 70 years old, in fact.

Now, feeling a little antique ourselves, we’re having a nap and then dinner and tomorrow on the road to meet Marianne and Leif in Tamarindo.

One thought on “Arrival in Costa Rica

  1. Hope you are having fun.

    They had the people of Nicoya on the news this AM. It is considered a “Blue Zone”. The people live long and healthy lives. Mainly because they don’t smoke. Hmmm… go figure.

    Don’t pet any howler monkeys. They might go mad.

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