Red Curtice Letters, Part 2

At the start of my exploration of the congratulatory letters written to Harlow Curtice, the newly appointed president of General Motors in 1952, I was copying out key excerpts by hand from each selection. Later I brought my laptop to the Scharchburg Archives at Kettering University and typed the letters that are found in Red Curtice Letters, Part I. Now I’ve sat down at the keyboard and typed up the hand-copied excerpts. Note: Two of the selections refer to a hunting trip on which Curtice had evidently made a sensational shot. The references seem to be to a Bull Head Ranch, near Chamberlain, South Dakota (although there is also a town called Bullhead on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation).

Frank V. Bridge

November 25, 1952

Dear Mr. Curtice:

By golly it’s difficult for a guy from Bull Head, South Dakota to express himself at a time like this, so I will just say “wonderful.” Just take good care of your health.

Pontiac Motor Division, Office of the General Manager, November 22, 1952

Although we were all taken by surprise with the announcement of Mr. Wilson’s selection as Secretary of Defense, we feel that our loss will be the country’s gain.

Curtice, left, reviews a factory layout.
Curtice, left, reviews a factory layout.

I can assure you that all of us at Pontiac and the writer personally, feel that the Corporation leadership is being placed in the most excellent hands and that we have the greatest confidence in your over-all ability to lead and guid us in a very aggressive manner to greater accomplishment and progress in the years ahead.

I personally want to congratulate both you and the Corporation on your appointment, and pledge my support to the best of my ability for whatever program or assignment we are called upon to perform.


R.M. Critchfield

Harley J. Earl

November 21, 1952

Dear Harlow –

I am certainly happy to hear about your appointment—but it cannot have been much of a surprise to anyone!

In agreement, too, I know that it is well-deserved, Harlow.

Will see you later.

Sincere regard,


Frederick G. Hughes


116 Belridge Road

Bristol, Connecticut

November 22, 1952

Dear Harlow:

Every stockholder and employee should feel like we all did after IKE was elected for not only is the country in good hands but our favorite Corporation is in most competent hands too.

T.H. Keating, general manager

Chevrolet Motor Division

November 24, 1952

May I pledge to you the wholehearted and continuous cooperation of every man in Chevrolet to make your administration the most outstanding in the history of General Motors.

R.F. Blair

November 26, 1952

It affords me extreme pleasure to number myself among the thousands of Buick people who are particularly pleased for you and sincerely proud of you.

Nelson C. Dezendorf

La Grange, Illinois

December 2, 1952

Because these “acting” jobs have a way of becoming permanent, I want you to know that you can expect every cooperation and support from me and our Electro-Motive organization.

W. E. Fish

Chevrolet Motor Division General Sales Manager

December 3, 1952

If there is anything the Sales Department of Chevrolet can do anywhere, at any time, to “lighten your load” or contribute even in a small way to your comfort and convenience, please know that our entire organization is anxious to serve.

George V. Gundry

1918 Cambridge Ave.

Flint 3, Michigan

Your energy, drive and keen mind make this choice by the directors a simple decision. I’m very thankful that these attributes of yours have been recognized. It’s also nice that Buick and Flint are being thought of in high places.

hobergletter01W.G. Lewellen

871 Pilgrim Road

Birmingham, Michigan

November 23, 1952

I hope to be back in Detroit soon and trust that I may have the opportunity to shake your hand and congratulate you personally.

I have been greatly pleased at the news of Mr. Wilson’s appointment to the cabinet of our new President. Everywhere I go, I hear nothing but enthusiasm regarding his selection. I think it is a great thing for the country and of course, I am proud that General Motors provided the man for such a great responsibility.

Charles M. “Jess” Jessup [stockholder]

Bedford, Indiana

November 26, 1952

I believe you know the story of the union motto—”Illegitimus non carborundum”—and this will probably apply to you in your present position.

[Illegitimus non carborundum was a popular World War II expression of pseudo-Latin, meaning “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”]

E.F. Johnson

8162 Jefferson Ave.

Detroit 19, Michigan

November 21, 1952

It is a big job but a Big Man has been selected to carry on.

Congratulations and, needless to say, all kinds of good wishes your footprints will leave a history of outstanding success with all colors flying.

Kenneth McFarland

Educational Consultant and Lecturer, GM’ Guest Lecturer, The Readers Digest; Educational Director, American Trucking Associations, Inc.

4401-4421 West Tenth (Farm and Stables)

Topeka, Kansas

December 8, 1952

As one member of the General Motors family I am genuinely grateful that you are there to take over as Mr. Wilson is called to Washington.

Don Hogate Public Relations

1028 Connecticut Avenue

Washington 6, D.C.

Tel: Sterling 3695

Suite 309

LaSalle Building

December 3, 1952

…delighted to read of your appointment and hasten to congratulate you…

My Gridiron Club friends tell me you will be here on Dec. 13th and I look forward to seeing you.

Earl McGinnis

General Merchandising Manager

AC Spark Plug Division

General Motors Corporation

Flint 2, Michigan

November 26, 1952

You did a swell job at AC; at Buick; and as Executive Vice President of the Corporation and I know the Corporation will move forward to even greater success under your leadership.

hobergletter02J.D. Mooney Associates

11 West 42nd Street

New York 36, N.Y.

Oregon 5-8733

November 24, 1952

The photograph of you in the Times, Accompanying the announcement of your appointment as Acting President of General Motors, had a smile that well matched mine, when I read the very good news

Your are so unusually well qualified to take over for Erwin and so deserving of this high honor that I hope most sincerely the Board of Directors will have the wisdom to confirm your appointment.

Jim Mooney

Lloyd Muller [Buick engineer]


November 24, 1952

As I mentioned on our last plane trip together, “I knew you would be our next president by the unfaltering way you went thru the brier patches the second time at Chamberlain.”

P.S. Again I call you “Mister” as I did after your great shot at “Bull-head.”

J.B. Nash

840 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago 11, Illinois

November 25, 1952

Our entire Buick organization … are all delighted that our good friend and former boss has been selected to lead all General Motors people.

My telephone has been ringing constantly during the past several days…

J.D. O’Brien

General Manager

Inland Manufacturing Division

General Motors Corporation

Dayton 1, Ohio

November 21, 1952

… well deserved recognition of the contributions you have made to the corporation.

W.M. (Bill) Phillips

Research Laboratories Division

General Motors Corporation

Detroit 2, Michigan

November 25, 1952

… wish to congratulate …

… word about the present nickel situation …

There is no doubt that the present form of distribution to the motor industry is extremely inequitable. I believe that the Nickel Section of MMB is aware of this situation and fears an appeal which may be brought by the Hondaille-Hershey Corporation. This may be a way out for us; but, if stock-piling is decreased, we would still be out of trouble.

Ed Snell

Buick Motor Division

Flint 2, Michigan

November 21, 1952

It is perhaps trite to say that I feel very fortunate in having had the opportunity to work with you when you were quarterbacking the Buick team. I am confident you will continue to call the right plays in your new quarterback position in the big league.

Albert Sobey

President Emeritus and Consultant

General Motors Institute

November 25, 1952

… sense of direct personal interest in your accomplishments …

Marc Stern

AC Spark Plug Division

November 21, 1952

… elated … first, because after Art Summerfield brought national fame to the City of Flint, we now have another Flint resident making the headlines by heading a Corporation, international in scope.

[Curtice, who had started at AC Spark Plug in  1914, in Flint, and eventually went on to lead the Buick Division there, continued to live in Flint and regularly commuted on a company-owned plane to Detroit, where he lived in an apartment at the General Motors Building during the work week]

C.S. Swayze, Manager

Framingham Plant

B-O-C Assembly Division

General Motors Corporation

December 2, 1952

[GM] is in safe hands with you at the helm.

Henry (Harry) J. Taylor

230 Park Avenue

New York City

November 21, 1952

My very dear friend—

I’m just plain proud for Ike, proud for Gm and proud for our country in C.E.’s appointment and I hardly know where congratulations to one of you leaves off and congratulations to the other begins.

For one to run the defense of the country and the other to run the greatest company in the world is a [illegible] that has me walking on air tonight.

J.D. Thompson

Regional Manager

515 Candler Building

Atlanta 3, Georgia

December 5, 1952

… we in the Southeast feel that we are indeed fortunate to have such a man as you for our leader.

Ed Wallace

General Motors Corporation

Broadway at 57th Street

New York City 19

November 21, 1952

… added responsibilities will be met with your usual dexterity.

Thomas E. Wilson

GMC Truck & Coach Division

660 South Boulevard East

Pontiac 11, Michigan

November 24, 1952

My father has spoken of you often, and always with the highest personal regard and appreciation for your outstanding contributions to General Motors. I know that in making his recent difficult decision to enter the service of the Government, one of the most important considerations was the knowledge that he could turn over the affairs of the Corporation to you and that all of us in General Motors could continue to work under your capable and inspiring leadership. I am sure you will receive the wholehearted support of the people of General Motors, and I know that you have received already many expressions of their respect and confidence.

John G. Wood

Lone Pine Road

Bloomfield Hills


… all the luck in the world on the big job.

H.C. Young


AC Spark Plug Division


December 5, 1952

… The corporation affairs are in the capable hands of a man with experience, initiative, and the will to accomplish.

M.H. Sippel

Zone Manager

Buick Motor Division

1607 Law & Finance Building

429 Fourth Avenue

Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania

December 4, 1952

[Sippel refers to the Buick meeting held the preceding Tuesday in Flint and HHC’s “constructive and inspiring” talk]

If you need transportation during the next visit to Pittsburgh, we will guarantee to do better than in 1948, if you recall that incident.

C.L. “Lee” Austin


Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation

401 Liberty Avenue

Gateway Center

Pittsburgh 30, Pa.

November 21, 1952

The news last night was certainly electrifying! I cannot believe that it can make anyone in this country other than relieved and happy. There is no one who can do a better job in this post than C.E. Wilson.

David F. Austin

Executive Vice President Commercial

United States Steel Company

525 William Penn Place

Pittsburgh 30, Pa.

December 2, 1952

… richly deserve the honor

Joseph L. Block

Executive Vice President

Inland Steel Co.

38 South Dearborn St.

Chicago 3, Illinois

December 2, 1952

… hasten to add my hearty congratulations …

C.R. “Charlie” Cox


Kennecott Copper Corp.

161 E. 42nd St.

New York 17, New York

November 24, 1952

My whole-hearted congratulations! Mr. Wilson’s move was a stunning surprise. I really got a kick out of it.

Will be in Detroit shortly to see Henry on some of my extra-curricular activities and believe it is about time to get acquainted with some of your research people with regard to titanium.

Adam J. Hazlett

Executive Vice President Distribution

Jones & Laughlin

May the administration of the very important affairs of General Motors bring to you many years of success and happiness.

G.F. Hess

District Sales Manager

Republic Steel Corporation

Republic Building

Cleveland 1, Ohio

[written from 2008 Fisher Building, Detroit 2 Michigan]

December 3, 1952

Wishing you a lot of success…

C.F. “Cliff” Hood


US Steel

December 4, 1952

I want you to know how very much I appreciate your writing me relative to my election as President of United States Steel Corporation.

May I take this opportunity of reciprocating your congratulations…

John A. Ingwersen

Vice President

Armco Steel Corporation

Middletown, Ohio

November 26, 1952

… more than pleased to learn of your advancement to the biggest industrial job in the country—an eventuality which all of us who had known you were reasonably certain was bound to occur.

John M. “Jack” Schlendorf

1409 Republic Building


November 21, 1952

Charlie White told me today of his visit with you yesterday, and tells that you are taking that big step up the ladder in your organization…

W.W. Serarld


Armco Steel

November 21, 1952

News … a great life. Over the years when you were at Buick and since, you have made us feel we are a part of your team…

Your accomplishments have placed you as high as anyone can go in the business world.

Herbert J. Watt

Assistant Vice President—Sales, Western Area

United States Steel Company

208 South La Salle St.

Chicago 90, Illinois

Late in felicitating you … delighted at recognition … and, bromidic as it be, we congratulate your great Corporation for its insight as much as we do you.

I shall hope to see you in Detroit on one of my visits with your hard-digging helpmates on the Fourteenth floor and wish you well in person.

Harold D. Wright


Republic Coal & Coke Co.

Willoughby Tower

8 South Michigan Ave.

Chicago 3, Illinois

Dearborn 2-3020

November 26, 1952

Long ago I was told by our mutual friend Erwin that you were being groomed for this position.

Bart Cotter

Fisher Body Division

Engineering Division

Detroit 2, Michigan

December 1, 1952

…must be gratifying to you…

Arthur R. Lindburg

4100 Laclede Ave.

Saint Louis

December 18, 1952

I know all in General Motors join me in feeling a deep confidence in our future, in your hands.

Norman H. Coulon

5330 Byram Ave.

Indianapolis 8

[undated Christmas card]

Please accept this effusion from a rank and file member of the great General Motors family [third family to own a home in Chevrolet Park]

A. Frye Ayers


Westinghouse Electric Corporation

5757 Trumbull Ave.


December 2, 1952

I was personally delighted to hear on the radio last evening that the Board has confirmed your appointment…

A.E. Barit

President and General Manager

Hudson Motor Car Company

Detroit 14, Michigan

December 3, 1952

Permit me to extend my felicitations.

Tom Bartlett Insurance Agency

North Baltimore, Ohio


You’ve been doing most of the work anyway… Hope Mr. Wilson does a good job for the GOP.

A birthday card for Curtice, who was born Aug. 15, 1893

Robert C. “Bob” Beiser

Auto Editor

Cincinnati Enquirer

December 4, 1952

You have been very nice to me over the years and I am as proud as anyone can be over your accomplishments. By the way, we certainly fixed things pretty for Ike, didn’t we?

Walter C. Bennet

40 Wall Street

New York

November 24, 1952

Events have happened rapidly since that famous Tuesday in November of this year, and not the least of them is your elevation to the acting presidency of General Motors.

Henry T. Bodman

General Vice President

National Bank of Detroit

Detroit 32, Michigan

November 21, 1952

In your new position, in my judgment, you will hold the outstanding position in American industry and I know no one who is better qualified to fill it.

Henry E. Bodman

Bodman, Longley, Boyle, Armstrong & Dahling

1400 Buhl Building

Detroit 26

November 21, 1952

I just can’t tell you how pleased I am at the news that Mr. Wilson has been selected as Minister of Defense and that you are to succeed him as head of General Motors.

Jesse L. Bowling

General Partner—President

J.L. Bowling & Company, Ltd.

Architects, Engineers, Planning, Industrial Plant Engineering

505 North Ervay


Ph Pr-0374

November 24, 1952

…extend my congratulations … very best man for the position … the country will benefit, as well as the stockholders…

Maybe you do not recall who I am, but during the last World War II, I was Col. Jesse L. Bowling, A.A.F. of the Air Technical Service Command, at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio and handled all “Industrial Planning” and my “Chief” in those days was the present Commanding General Edwin W. Rawlings, A.F., of Wright Field. I worked hand in hand with you, Mr. H.C. Young, on the Buick Melrose Plant in or near Chicago as well as the Flint Plant G.M.C. and I saw you several times after the war. I also worked with Mr. Marvin E. Coyle and Mr. Hugh Dean, of Chevrolet Motors, who I understand are now retired, and other General Motors officers, during World War II. You will no doubt see General Rawlings a great deal in the future, due to war contracts,

The final outcome of the election this month, was a great thing for the country at large, and a great personal victory for a wonderful man like General Eisenhower. We are proud that the General selected Mr. Charles E. Wilson, as Secretary of Defense, and know that he will serve our country with great honor … sincere wishes for a successful term … As one American to another, we all have a great deal to be thankful for, this coming 27th of November 1952.

Robert J. Bowman

Chairman of the Executive Committee

The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company

Room 6-143

General Motors Building

Detroit 2

November 28, 1952

For many years, while with the Pere Marquette, I saw the progress you made at Buick, as well as since you have moved to Detroit, and have always felt that we have had a very close relationship in your endeavor.

Ward M. Canaday


Willys-Overland Motors, Inc.

Toledo 1 Ohio

November 24, 1952

I wish you all success and hope you will count upon me whenever I can be of help in furthering the sound direction of our industry.

Proctor Chandler


Wellesley Hills, Mass

November 29, 1952

[letter addressed to Mr. J.M. Roche]

You may recall my talking with you on the ‘phone but I’m thanking you for your letter on Nineteenth November and wish you would be kind enough to express my personal thanks as well as Mrs. Chandler’s for his kindness in pushing our car through for us. We are all terribly happy in Mr. Curtice’s promotion and just tell him that we who have known him at W. Harwich [Cape Cod] join in wishing him the very best of luck.

Drury W. Cooper

Cooper, Byrne, Dunham, Keith & Dearborn

Woolworth Building

233 Broadway

New York 7 N.Y

November 21, 1952

You are now on your way to the top, as I confidently believed you would reach when I was in constant contact with you over the litigation that occupied us many years ago. You were then just beginning to “feel your oats,” but you did so many things so well that I had the utmost confidence in your future—far more , I imagine, than you had yourself

I am no longer connected with General Motors, having been “retired for age” some years ago, but I still regard it with the utmost admiration and believe that it and but one or two other corporations have shown the way in which modern business can be done in the interest of customers, stockholders, and labor.

Robert F.G. Copeland

6200 W. Warren Avenue

Detroit 32, Michigan

November 25, 1952

Dear Red:

It had to be you … else deserved merit and demonstrated ability would go unrewarded.

Gordon B. Crary


E.F. Hutton & Company

623 South Spring Street

Los Angeles 14

Madison 6-2646

November 28, 1952

On my recent trip to New York, I stopped off in Detroit and picked up a Cadillac and drove it home. While on the way, I read in the paper of your appointment to the presidency of General Motors, so wanted to write and congratulate you. To me, to be appointed the head of such a corporation as General Motors, with the reputation it has, and what it has accomplished, is one of the greatest honors that can be conferred on one.

I happened to mention this when I was talking to Larry Fisher on the telephone the other day and told him that you probably didn’t remember me, for I only met you a few times with Hal Tuttle, and once at the Tuttle ranch for just a moment.

Nevertheless, Larry said … to write anyway … and tell you he said to do so.

P.L. Davies


Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation

P.O. Box 760

San Jose 5, California

November 21, 1952

…sincere congratulations…

Sorry you were unable to attend … Business Advisory Council at Sea Island, Georgia…

I am sure you will be interested to know that the Chief of Stafs have approved our new T-59 Personnel Carrier with GMC engines and a procurement contract will be entered into within the next few weeks. I am still sorry we couldn’t have used the Cadillac engines but we understand the problems your group were faced with.

Ned H. Dearborn


National Safety Council


December 3, 1952

General Motors is in good hands!

Clarence R. Eichenberger

Vice President

The First National Bank of Chicago

…delighted indeed to read the report…

Frederick H. Elliott

Executive Vice President

Automobile Old Timers

22 East 38th Street

New York 16, N.Y.

Murray Hill 6-7266

November 21, 1952

Dear Friend Curtice:

…heartiest congratulations…

Through the years you have made wonderful contributions to the automobile industry, and we are certainly honored to have you enrolled as a life member.

…every success…

Thomas W. Finney


Industrial Department

Dallas Chamber of Commerce

1101 Commerce Street


November 28, 1952

Congratulations … The ‘dynamic’ men of Dallas and this organization are appreciative of this recognition of your business acumen and your leadership in the business world.

…hope for complete success and full happiness…

Because Dallas is the center for so many of your company’s regional activities in the Southwest, we feel a real sense of kinship …

Our congratulations—and our hope that you can get to know friendly Big “D” better. May we also proffer our assistance to you and to your associates as you may plan expanded and new activities for Dallas and for the Dallas Southwest.

Fred F. Florence


Republic National Bank of Dallas

November 22, 1952

…our very best wishes to you for an increased measure of happiness in your enlarged responsibilities.

…value relationship with your fine company, and we feel very close to your entire organization. We are particularly anxious for you to know we stand ready to cooperate with you and your interests at all times…

It would be so good to have you down here.

Arnold D. “Mike” Freydl

Vice President

National Bank of Detroit

November 21, 1952

…heartiest congratulations…

D.W. Goldfarb

Sales Manager, Flint Division

Beecher Peck & Lewis Paper “Dependable Since 1888”

211 Brush Street

Flint 2

Tel: 97633

November 25, 1952

We, of Flint, who have known you during the years that you have lived amongst us, are very proud of the just tribute that has been paid you, which you so fully merit as a result of hard work, ability, and practical common sense.

L.L. Gellerstedt

Executive Vice President

The Citizens and Southern National Bank

Atlanta 1, Georgia

November 24, 1952

…hearty congratulations … I remember very pleasantly several visits with you at parties while you and your associates were here for the opening of your Doralville plant.

It is most heartening to know that Mr. Wilson was willing to accept the appointment as Secretary of Defense in the Cabinet of General Eisenhower and I know he will make many contributions to the welfare of the country in that assignment.

Jack F. Glenn

Assistant President [?]

The Citizens and Southern National Bank

Atlanta 2, Georgia

December 2, 1952

In the relatively short time I have been in the banking business, I have planned on several occasions to visit with you good folks at General Motors who are favoring us with one of the best accounts we have on our books. In this connection, however, the old saying of “The best laid plans…” fits me like a glove.

I am looking forward to a close business and, I hope, personal relationship with you and trust that in the future there will be a frequent crossing of our paths.

G.O. Grady Jr.

Used Car Lot, Douglas Hudson Motors

2411 Bardstown Road

Louisville 5, Kentucky

November 30, 1952

In nineteen forth eight I sent you a wife of congratulations. However, I find that will not suffice in this event.

Please permit me to rejoice with you in your achievement of being selected to head the world’s greatest automobile organization.

I feel confident that millions share these thoughts with me, but most of us are reluctant to express our feelings.

It has been my privilege to observe your triumphal march forward, and I sincerely believe God’s providential power has sought you out for the task that you now have.

My humble hope is, that God will permit you to strengthen the principles for which you stand.

You may rest assured that my prayers, and the prayers of millions shall always be with you.

F.G. “Fred” Gurley


The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway System

80 East Jackson Boulevard

Chicago 4, Illinois

December 3, 1952

…congratulations … delighted … Mrs. Gurley joins me in all of the foregoing and both of us ask to be remembered to your sweet wife.

Philip Hampson

Financial Editor

Chicago Tribune

Tribune Tower


November 20, 1952

This is one letter that gives me the greatest of pleasure to write. Our best wishes for your success.

P.S. Please don’t bother to acknowledge this. You will have about 25 million of them.

C. Allen Harlan


Harlan Electric Company

901 W. Milwaukee Avenue

Detroit 2, Michigan

Trinity 3-5600

November 21, 1952

Things are happening in wonderful, wonderful Detroit. Not the least of which is your appointment to succeed Mr. Wilson.

J.J. Hartigan

Senior Vice President

Campbell-Ewald Company

General Motors Building

Detroit 2, Michigan

Trinity 2-6200

November 21, 1952


Harold H. Helm


Chemical Bank & Trust Company

One Sixty Five Broadway

New York

November 21, 1952

…how well qualified you are…

It is perfectly wonderful to have a man of Mr. Wilson’s qualifications take over the Secretaryship of Defense.

…assist you at any time…

John F. Hering

President and General Manager

Charles W. Warren & Company, Jewelers and Silversmiths

1520 Washington Boulevard

Detroit 26

(508 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida)

December 5, 1952

Congratulations, it was a genuine pleasure to know of your appointment as president of America’s greatest corporation. Watching you ascend step by step, to this high office is an inspiration to us all.

J.M. Hickerson

J.M. Hickerson Inc., Advertising

270 Park Avenue

New York 17, N.Y.

Murray Hill 8-8233

December 5, 1952

May this alumnus of 17 years’ service to your New Departure Division congratulate you on this great honor!

N. Baxter Jackson


Chemical Bank & Trust Company

165 Broadway

New York

November 24, 1952

…great compliment … by Board of Directors of General Motors’ great empire.

Samuel M. Johnson, Chairman

Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company

Lockport Exchange Office

Lockport, New York

December 3, 1952

This seems like an opportune time to thank you for the business which we receive from Harrison Radiator Division of General Motors Corporation.

Henry Jones, Jr.

Executive Vice President

The First National Bank of Atlanta

Atlanta 2, Georgia

December 1, 1952

… deep appreciation for the privilege of serving General Motors.

Frank W. Judson

Vice President

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company

Grant Building

Pittsburgh 19, Pa.

November 26, 1952

I wish to add my congratulations to the hundreds of others that you have undoubtedly received…

The outstanding record that you have made with the General Motors Corporation during the many years that your great ability, diplomacy and fairness have been demonstrated, fully entitles you to this recognition.

H.V. Kaltenborn

167 East 64th Street

New York 21, N.Y.

Regent 4-3344

November 21, 1952

I have followed your career with personal interest ever since I interviewed you in Flint during the famous “sit-down” strike of 1937. I was struck then by your fair-mindedness and your sound approach to labor problems. You are following a great predecessor but if you are as good as my Buicks, you’ll do well on the new job!

Daniel H. Kelly

603 West Bancroft Street

Toledo 2, Ohio

November 22, 1952

…sincere congratulations…

Charles B. Lansing

Industrial Consultant

R.F.D. #5

Chagrin Falls, Ohio


…wishing you the best of luck and success.

It is a far cry from Flint Falence [?] Co. to G.M. Co.

Fred Lazarus


Federated Department Stores, Inc.

Federated Building

Cincinnati 2, Ohio

November 21, 1952

I hope that we… [error in note-taking leaves this message broken off]

Delbert “Del” J. McLaughlin

786 Owego Drive

Pontiac 18, Michigan

November 21, 1952

Ever since I dealt with you and your organization at Buick as a sort of jack-of-all-trades for the old Southern California Division I have been convinced that you would one day reach the pinnacle.

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