Doubletalk for a Good Living

Walla Walla, Washington—American Pleonasm Corporation is pleased and gratified to announce the appointment of Connor O’Connor as vice president for diminutives and nicknames. Mr. O’Connor brings eighteen (one and a half dozen) years’ experience in a field known for intense competitiveness and fiercely contested accounts. He previously was development director for Southwestern Solecism, Inc., of Texarkana, Texas, where he oversaw the creation of fused participles and heavy apposition. He is credited with moving that company into the front rank of Tier One providers of dangling modifiers to print and broadcast media, but his biggest triumph was propagating the double fused participle, “What’s the use of me pushing this bill up to the Hill if you pulling your support for it is the result?” This rare formulation was widely acquired by Washington, D.C., lobbying firms.

Mr. O’Connor began his career in the licensing department at Nova Idiom and Axiom Company, of West Hollywood, California, where he oversaw release of hip-hop slang into commercial applications and business uses and is credited with creating the Double Deuce Juice beer brand, which is sold exclusively in 22-ounce cans and bottles.

With his move to American Pleonasm, Mr. O’Connor joins the executive team led by president and chief executive officer L. William Llewellyn, who has finessed that firm to the fore of corporate identity creation. Recent triumphs for Pleonasm include the conversion of Consolidated Buggy Whip and Corset Stay Company to its new identity as Questilast Corporation. When naming rights were offered for the Quad Cities’ brand-new combination baseball and football stadium, Mr. Llewellyn personally coined the slogan, “Good for nine innings or the whole nine yards,” for client Quadripledge Industries, maker of the increasingly popular American flag turboprop box kites. The stadium is today known as Quadripledge Field and Sky-High Boxes. Mr. Llewellyn is author of the successful and popular business book, “2002 Palindromes for the Cexe Exec: Vamos a somav, o samovar y ravomas?” He is presently working on a new book, tentatively titled “Thong and Diphthong: Why Public Indecency Leaves the Average American Saying, ‘Oh, Boy!'”

Recent expansion of American Pleonasm’s activities has taken the organization into new areas such as the marketing of agricultural chemicals and supplements. Tiller’s Thriller fertilizer and Tiller’s Killer pesticides and herbicides, as well as Snout-o-Maxx Feeds, are the latest creations. The company has also assisted the National Hot Rod Association in creating a joint venture with Ice Capades: Dragsters on Ice.

In accepting the new position, Mr. O’Connor says, “I am delighted and pleased. I am also gratified and fulfilled. I greet this opportunity to develop Pleonasm’s diminutival portfolio with a wee whoop of satisfaction, considering that I grew up in tiny Challah Hollow, where my parents had a cholla nursery, and I did my undergraduate work at minuscule Middlebury College, although, admittedly, my honors thesis was on the Colossus of Rhodes.”

In his spare time Mr. O’Connor enjoys serving as a second at duels and playing four-handed piano pieces with his wife, Connie. The couple are the parents of two sets of twins, one fraternal, the other, identical. The former, both girls, are named Lulu and Dee Dee. The latter, both endowed with ambiguous genitalia, are called Lorem Ipsum and Ipsum Dolor until sex assignment can be made.

Mr. O’Connor is a life member of the Tautological Association of the Northeasternmost United States and New England. He serves on the board the Chow Chow Breeders Union. While currently driving a Smart ForTwo, he is on the list for a Tata Nano.

Founded in 1991, American Pleonasm robustly survived the dotcom bust and was thereafter acquired by Worldwide Limerick, L.L.C., of London. Pleonasm employs six hundred sixty-six people in two shifts at the Walla Walla home office. Another two dozen employees produce boilerplate at Pleonasm’s subsidiary, Integrated Bromide Company, located in Plainfield, New Jersey.

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