Poem 22

I’ve been pinioned by a minion,

parsed up the arse,

and pilloried by Hillary.

But I purloined a sirloin,

which I think I fed later

to the InSinkErator.

(Fed uncooked, if this be true to a Piet Hein “grook.”)

(My memory is fogged

from too much grog.)


One thought on “Poem 22

  1. Grog’s a good med when one’s
    Fed up with the Fed
    With all that O said
    They will mess with our head
    From cradle to dead
    On this path we are led
    I must stick to my meds
    From the doctor I go see
    Approved by Pelosi.
    The sirloin is meager
    At Cafe de la Uighur

    But who in the hell can afford Bermuda anyway???

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