Kenneth Moore

I was shooting architectural detail at an old Detroit movie palace on Monroe Street when Kenneth Moore happened along. It was still early on that Saturday morning, August 1, 2009, but he was out for a stroll. After I answered his question about what I was up to, he commented about this and that and soon informed me that he had retired in 2007, after thirty-one years at Chrysler, and now had been downtown for a couple of weeks, whatever that meant. He said he is currently dating “a Mexican woman,” and she has him going to church. It seemed natural to ask him to pose. At first he looked ill at ease but then spat out a large white orb. Seeing my reaction, he pulled a clear plastic wrapper from his shirt pocket; inside it was a red, white, and green peppermint jawbreaker: his backup supply. Now he was better able to smile. He had new teeth and was still learning his way with them and his smile had to be set carefully. But he was a quite the showman and improvised a posture. After I finished shooting and showed him the results on my camera’s display, he accepted my card. I promised to email the picture if he sent his address. He looked at his phone and mused that his son had told him it was possible to receive email on the thing. In parting he said, “Have a blessed day!”



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