Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee, whose home is in Arlington, Texas, was on her way from Laredo, Texas, with a load of hecho-en-México auto parts. They were due for 5.00 a.m. delivery at a factory in Centerline, Michigan. She had driven 11 hours and stopped at a truck stop Sunday evening for a 10-hour rest, per DOT regs. While she was inside the truck stop, one rig in the parking lot caught fire, and the flames spread to a nearby trailer that was loaded with 42,000 pounds of beef. “I was in the shower when all this took place,” Deborah said. She had to call her employer, J.B. Hunt, and say she was going to miss her delivery because no trucks were moving through the parking lot, which was a mess. When I took her picture I told her she had a Janis Joplin thing going on. Hey, it was the 40th anniversary of Woodstock!



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