Springfield Mile Marker

For each of the last 12 years, Randy Boaz has come to the Springfield Mile and documented the sprint car and stock car races. Boaz (pronounced “Bose”) takes a strategic position at the pavilion, on the infield side of the start-finish line, and engages himself in making what he emphasizes is an “objective” account of the racing action. The races, which are featured at the Illinois State Fair, don’t get a lot of media coverage, but the dirt track is very important in the tradition of American racing, so Boaz is doing what he can to make an archive. (He also goes to southern Illinois for the DuQuoin State Fair, with a similar mile-long track that’s also used for harness racing.) At first he offered his audio to Speed TV, but no interest was returned. Nevertheless, he continues snapping the shutters of his old Minolta cameras and narrating the play-by-play into his big tape recorder.



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