Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Not long ago the board of our neighborhood association sent around a preachy, moralizing  newsletter. Someone’s dog had been run over, and the report was filled with “unfortunately” this and “do not assume” that, along with the announcement that the board had decided to lower the speed limit to 15 mph throughout the subdivision.

And then there was the issue of clearing snow from the sidewalks. As someone who walks the dog every day, this is a big deal to me and I welcome a focus on the issue.

“With winter right around the corner, the Board wants to remind you of a few things to keep the subdivision running smoothly, the newsletter said.

Those things were:

  1. Cars are to remain off the street overnight due to plowing.
  2. Sidewalks are to be cleared of snow each morning for the safety of your neighbors and kids walking to school.
  3. Sidewalks should be free from ice.

All very good, although the association’s bylaws aren’t anywhere near that specific and much of the above is just as arbitrary as the 15 mph speed limit.

So here’s a shot of the board president’s sidewalk taken today, Dec. 12, after the snowfall of Wednesday evening, Dec. 9. That snow started to melt the next morning before the temperature dropped suddenly, leaving a frozen mess where the sidewalks hadn’t been scooped. 

It was easier and safer to walk in the street rather than cross this treacherous, icy stretch of sidewalk.

I guess this is a case of the rules not applying to those who made them up.

One thought on “Do As I Say, Not As I Do

  1. Somewhere, under ground, in a top secret location, there is a university for those power hungry little people who want to be condo or subdivision presidents.
    They are taught board-speak. looking down their noses, and the art of writing threatening letters to be followed by ‘immediate contact from the Board’s attornies.’
    If The Board is responsible for plowing the sidewalks, and we are responsible for our ‘entrance walks’, then whose job is it to salt those pesky two steps upon which several people break ribs each winter?
    The plows will be summoned only upon the accumulation of 3 1/2 inches of snow. If the ice underneath is invisible it is your personal problem. If there is a breeze resulting in one inch in the front and 4 inches in the back, it is also your problem.
    In a striking example of holiday wishes granted, the head of this condo, SHE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED fell and broke her shoulder. This occurred inside her own condo but is….our responsibility.

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