Charles B. Gillson to Milton Tibbetts

Gillson and Gillson Attorneys, Chicago

June 2, 1913

Milton Tibbetts, Esq.,

Patent Counsel,

Packard Motor Car Co.,

Detroit, Michigan

Dear Sir:

I thought that you might be interested to have some information which I have recently obtained regarding the Oldfield Bill. The general impression at Washington, particularly among the Patent Office Examiners, appears to be that this bill will become a law, in substantially its present form, during the regular session of congress, which begins in December. Five of the seven members of the senate committee on patents are understood to be in favor of the bill.

However, the fate of the bill seems to actually depend upon what occurs in the house. That is to say, if it passes the house it will also be passed in the senate, whereas, if the house rejects it or does not act upon it the senate will take no action whatever. Mr. Oldfield has already presented the bill to the new house.

The house committee on patents has not yet been organized Mr. Oldfield expects to be reappointed chairman of the committee when it is organized. If he receives the appointment it is expected that he will vigorously push the measure with a strong chance of its being adopted. The only other candidate for the position is Congressman Morrison of Indiana. Mr. Morrison is opposed to the Oldfield Bill. Should he be selected as chairman of the house committee or patents, he will push legislation looking to an appropriation for a new Patent Office building and modern equipment and the Oldfield Bill will be shelved.

As you doubtless know, the committee appointments in the house are now made by the ways and means committee. I do not know what the practice of this committee is in making selections for the other committees. It would seem very desirable that Mr. Morrison should be selected as chairman of the committee on patents instead of Mr. Oldfield. If you have any idea that members of the committee on ways and means will consult the wishes of their constituents in making slections for the other committees, I will be glad to know it. I can supply you with a list of the names of the congressmen who constitute the committee on ways and means, also the members of the senate committee on patents.

Yours truly,

Charles B. Gillson.


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