Henry B. Joy to W.D. Simmons

June 5, 1913.

Mr. W.D. Simmons, Vice-President,

Simmons Hardware Company,

St. Louis, Missouri.

Dear Mr. Simmons:—

I thank you particularly for the address of Mr. Ralph M. Shaw. I have read it with great care and interest [sic] I endorse every word he says.

I am doing my best to call to the attention of the business men of the United States the conditions which confront them under the existing trend of Court decisions. You will have noticed in the recent decision in the Sanatogen case that the Supreme Court stood five to four. I was in New York yesterday and we had a long session with twenty-five or thirty leading manufacturers, and are endeavoring to get up an organization to properly campaign and educate the country on the value to the consumer of the one-price-to-all policy.

In the remarks of Mr. Louis D. Brandeis he clearly shows that he has absolutely gotten hold of the essence of price maintenance, and differentiates it from unwarrantable monopoly in the clearest cut possible kind of way.

I wish very much you would lend your support to this movement we are undertaking to get up in New York, and would most urgently ask you to communicate with Mr. William H. Ingersoll, (of Robt. H. Ingersoll & Bro., 315 Fourth Ave., New York City).

I have sent out one hundred thousand copies, and will send out more, of the enclosed Price-Maintenance Discussion pamphlet. In it are the remarks by Mr. Brandeis to which I refer. It is going to be a hard, long fight, but we are bound to win. I see very encouraging signs in the current publications of the day, and Mr. Brandeis states that in his opinion what we are standing for is exactly in accordance with the views of President Wilson, and he purposes to call upon the President when he can get himself sufficiently prepared, in an effort to explain to the President that the attitude of the Department of Justice is directly contrary to the doctrines which the President stands for. This is very important, but encouraging.

Yours very truly,

H.B. Joy



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