William H. Taft to Henry B. Joy

William H. Taft

New Haven, Conn.

December 5, 1914.

My dear Mr. Joy:

William Howard Taft official portrait, by Anders Zorn, 1911, now hanging in White House Blue Room
 I am in receipt of your letter of December 2nd, in which you quote a passage from an article of Ida Tarbell, in the American Magazine, for December, on page 62, reading as follows:

“They appeared in private conversation on every hand, in public discussion, in the press and even in the very questions which pestered President Taft on his speech-making tour in the fall of 1909 until he finally threw up his hands and said in effect: ‘Well if you will let me alone I will tell you why I signed the bill. I knew the wool schedule was all wrong but the combine back of it was so strong I did not dare, for political reasons, to turn it down.’”

The statement is wholly untrue.

Sincerely yours,

Wm. H. Taft

Mr. H. B. Joy, President,

Packard Motor Car Company,

Detroit, Michigan.

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