Woodrow Wilson to Henry B. Joy

The White House


June 19, 1914

My dear Sir:—

Campaign donation token
I am sure that the whole country is interested to see to it that there should no longer exist a North or South in this absolutely united country which we all love and that the imaginary Mason and Dixon line should be made once and for all a thing of the past, and as a small contribution to that end I earnestly suggest that the Lincoln Highway Association should grant permission to place the official Lincoln Highway markers on the macadam roadway running from Philadelphia to Washington, through the properly selected streets of the latter city to the Lincoln Memorial now under construction, and from thence along the roadway through Frederick, Maryland, and from Frederick to Gettysburg.

I am reliably informed tht this route is now or will in the very near future be a modern macadam roadway from Philadelphia to Gettysburg by way of Washington. The entire expense of the road, I am informed, including officially marking the highway, wil be degrayed by local interests.

Cordially and sincerely yours,

Woodrow Wilson

Mr. Henry B. Joy, President,

Lincoln Highway Association,

Detroit, Michigan.

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