Flight Begins in Mud

Surprise en route to DTW: Today’s trip to Los Angeles began with a step into the mud. Susan and I had only gone 10 minutes on I-94 before encountering an empty Scion x/A on the shoulder. A man at the edge of the trees was calling on his phone. Closer inspection from 70 mph revealed a Ford Explorer Sport wedged into the woods. Its shattered windshield told of a rollover. The Explorer had gone off the road and pivoted in the steep ditch. Now the nose was facing in the wrong direction.

I hit the brakes, pulled over as we cleared the Scio Church Road overpass, and grabbed the blue gloves (stolen from a doctor’s office) from my satchel. By the time I ran the 100 yards back to the accident, the man had summoned help and was peering through the passenger-side door. My finest long-jump technique was required to get across the watery ditch. I landed solidly on the grass, which was a relief because I wore a pair of recently purchased suede loafers.

The first-responder, tall, cloaked in a UAW jacket, said the driver was fading in and out of consciousness. She was in her mid-30s. Her forearms were flecked with blood from minor glass wounds, but she was evidently whole and breathing. Her eyelids kept closing and head would tilt over her right shoulder. First Responder said he’d seen her go off the road. She’d told him her name was Betty or Betsy and that she might’ve blown a tire. He said he knew CPR, and after a minute, realizing there was no way I could help, I pleaded Airport and announced I’d be going back to my car. First responder declined my offer of the blue gloves, but there was something I could do for him. Would I stop at his Scion and turn on the emergency flashers?

As soon as I’d done so, the welcome sight of the rescue squad appeared. By the time I got back to our car they were on the scene.

Boxing dilemma: Is pugilist Floyd Mayweather stormily pursuing an august profession?

Wee wondering: Is a piccolo player a pickler?

Teams on the fly: After splitting a four-game series with the Toledo Mud Hens, members of the Charlotte Knights, the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, boarded their flight in the D Concourse at Detroit Metro airport. On my connecting flight out of Detroit, I sat beside a teenaged boy who was going to Reno with his parents to participate in a bowling tournament. And beside me on the leg from Chicago to Los Angeles, a teacher from Tinley Park/Oak Forest was taking her team of 11 students to the Business Professionals of America national competition in Anaheim. Her name was Erin. She showed me a couple of PowerPoint tricks that I can’t wait to try. She’s a super person and undoubtedly a fine teacher.

One thought on “Flight Begins in Mud

  1. Good for you, being a Samaritan. Not everyone would have done that….and glad the shoes were saved.
    About that stealing from doctors’ offices, though….

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