Limo of Agnes Moorehead of ‘Bewitched’ Found in Los Angeles

I came across this enigmatic car today at a party; maybe some of my car-guy friends know how a coachbuilding firm that went out of business in the mid-1930s could’ve built a limo body for a Mercury.

Meanwhile, fans of the TV show “Bewitched” will also be interested.

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4 thoughts on “Limo of Agnes Moorehead of ‘Bewitched’ Found in Los Angeles

  1. Ron,

    I think I’ve found some answers, but another mystery.

    Some Google searching revealed other Ford-based Cunningham Town Cars. I don’t believe these were of any relation to Briggs, but were actually the product of James Cunningham, Son, & Company of Rochester, NY. The company had actually built its own vehicles for a time in the late ’20s/ early ’30s, but abandoned those pursuits and briefly built the so-called Town Car body for Fords.

    The mystery? Well, the few accounts I pulled up in 5 minutes worth of searching seem to indicate Cunningham stopped building bodies after 1937. This Merc is certainly later than that; perhaps a ’45/’46? So the question has to be asked: how did this come to be? Special order? Leftover body shell fitted after the war? Customization that merged parts from two different vehicles?

    Time for you to keep digging!


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