Sweating out my Nebraska Football sweatshirt

December 27, 2011

Best of Big Red

6891 A St., #105

Lincoln, NE 68510


I would like to acknowledge receipt of a sweatshirt by second-day air, and it showed up at my door on Dec. 23, fulfilling the hope that after sending off a check on Sep. 23, I’d finally have the sweatshirt by Christmas.

Just to review: I ordered the Pelini Crewneck Sweatshirt (AS-10603) in Medium, but it was too big. So I returned it around the second week of October with a note saying that even after a washing, it didn’t fit. There followed no news whatsoever as to the status of my order (invoice number 3971, date Sept. 30, 2011). Around Halloween I called up and got a rather snooty woman who said that Normally if Someone Washes a Garment It Isn’t Returnable, But This One Looked Like New So It Still Could Fill an Order.

Please allow me to point out that the shipment had arrived at my door with a Returns and Exchanges notice, a copy of which I’m enclosing. On this notice, no mention is made about exceptions pertaining to the washing of garments. Besides which, one becomes used to dealing with Land’s End and other catalog companies, as well as direct retailers like Macy’s, who take back their merchandise and no questions asked.

So when I called up toward the end of November and got the same lickspittle on the line, she said, “Oh, you’re the one who washed his shirt?” OK, let me observe that the customer is not to fucking blame, and I think there’s probably some nepotism going on at your shitty little company Best of Big Red.

My hope for the New Year is that things get straightened out at Osborne Familyland in the event that I’d like to order more of the brilliantly designed merchandise that you monopolize.

And thanks for the sweatshirt that I didn’t order.

Best wishes,

Ronald Ahrens

Cc: Addidas Customer Service and my blog.

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