Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

Abundant clean water, plenty of inexpensive food without using up the land, energy to spare, no pollution, good health for everyone, improved education, world peace, and relief from difficult or boring tasks.

This is the message Diamandis and co-author Steven Kotler share in this insightful and hopeful book that is the antithesis to the shrinking-planet message promulgated by E.F. Schumacher and his acolytes. “Abundance” is well worth your attention as a way of reforming your thinking about the future. Peter K. Diamandis and Steven Kotler lay out the case that increasing computational speed and more sophisticated artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and the power of DIY and people working in small groups will unleash a high tide of solutions for the betterment of humanity.

Peter Diamandis
Peter Diamandis (Photo by dfarber)

And this will happen very soon. Geniuses like Ray Kurzweil, Dean Kaman, and Elon Musk are looking out for us. Of course, Diamandis can’t help but plug his own X Prize Foundation, too, which sponsors competitions focusing on specific targets, like 100 mpg in the Automotive X Prize. It’s incentivized progress.

It’s sometimes a peculiar book, though. While the message is fascinating, the reader wonders why two authors are writing in the first person singular. And there are lapses in grammar and usage, typified by the repeated misuse of “adverse” in the place of “averse.”

Never mind: you need to know what these guys say in order to refute the harbingers of doom who have had your ear.

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