Tripping over basil instead of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

In most cases, I should use the word “itinerant” in place of “peripatetic.” Ms. Burstein, one of the funniest and dearest people I know (she will probably chew me out for mentioning her name; don’t even think about trying to take a candid photo of her), described a bruising antic episode from her travels, when her suitcase got stuck in a turnstile in the New York subway and she tried to dislodge it with her hip and the subway police laughed when she finally climbed over. From New York, she went to another part of the country. By airplane, I suppose. I was going to label her peripatetic but looked it up in the dictionary before concluding, “Bruising itinerancy.” Then I realized her name is right there in those two words. Fine-leaf

How much water do I give the Outback plant fine-leaf Myoporum, which I’m hoping to establish in my garden? On back, the tag says “semi-moist.” That’s like semi-drunk or semi-pregnant.

If the Flatiron Building had received more I.T. support, it would have been the Flirtation Building.

First Janice, who has similar tastes to mine in music, had recommended I listen to the Stranglers, so on the day after Christmas I downloaded their greatest hits and enjoyed the album. Now she has turned me on to Gang of Four. I have created a Gang of Four channel on my iHeartRadio app. Last evening while I was baking a cake and making dinner, the GoF channel opened up with two songs by its namesake band; then the algorithm gave me Bauhaus’s long “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”; and the Buzzcocks(!); Wire; Devo’s “Girl U Want”; Gang of Four again, doing “Natural’s Not In It”; Joy Division, Robyn Hitchcock, Public Image, The Fall, and the Minutemen. My ex-girlfriend knew Minuteman D. Boon, who had a show on her pirate radio station. As I’ve told Janice, I was in some kind of void during those years; I’d heard of the bands but in some cases (Minutemen, GoF, Buzzcocks) never listened to them. Frosting, decades later!

Burke High classmate Susie J. reported on Facebook that she had tripped over a pot of basil on her patio, falling and bruising her shin. Basil. Wrath. Bone. It would have gone easier had she tripped over parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

I’ve downloaded the Groovy Reflections radio app and am eager to start listening to Gerry Wendel’s show. Gerry’s entrepreneurial spirt inspires me.

The Volkswagen Golf and Jetta busted my balls this morning. I am trying to finish up my Car Guide entries for JeanKnowsCars. Jean and Laura assigned 52 of them. Just among those two VWs, there are so many models: gasoline and diesel, normally aspirated and turbocharged, hybrid, battery-electric, two-door and four-door, sedan and wagon. I should be able make sense of the press releases and blend together all the info, and do the data panel and copy quickly. But not with my short attention span. I had to take a break to do some blogging. The Passat, Tiguan, and Touareg await, and VW will be all finished. Well, not as a brand, but as a writing assignment. Then I have the Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, and (one) Lotus. I hope to finish by Sunday.

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