When a Thing is more than a thing, it’s a phenomenon–or maybe kissin’ cousins?


Muscle cars, yes, and sports cars, too–but I can’t stop staring at the clunky, corrugated Volkswagen Thing.

There are more Things than ever. They were only sold in the United States for two years, 1973 and 1974. Yet I see them at car shows. A few days ago, the Thing pictured above turned left from South Western Avenue, in San Pedro.

The sun came out; so did a pristine Thing at Trader Joe’s, in Cathedral City.

Nice, huh?

People are having Things spruced, spiffed, and made splendid. Good ones merit some money. In 2015, an example with a surrey top sold for $52,800 at auction. Justin Hyde, of Yahoo! Autos, pronounced the result “serious coin for a car that can’t outrun rain.”

Why is today’s Thinginess greater than in 1974? I searched “import VW Thing from Mexico” and found this much:

VW things are the best, very rarely i see them up here in oregon, but when im in mexico, they are everywhere!!! I plan to get a big truck and take it into mexico and buy a lot of things for dirt cheap(ive seen them for $300USD in running condition) and take them back up here! That would be sweet! 

Northbound truckloads of Things, convoys of Thing-bearers, border crossings thronging with Things.  

Trinity Highway Products

Automotive Malthingianism.

A Thing will cross your path. Before you see it, the brow furrows. From brushing against a Thing, denim transforms into corduroy. Free braces for kids with crooked teeth!

Bring home a Thing: prepare for Valentine’s greetings from guardrails: yes, remember–cousins don’t mate.

If they date, though, who’ll know?



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