Remembering a special news story and getting an update on a special person

Sometimes I remember a story written years ago and wonder what happened to the subject.

Katie Mattie, for instance, was a charming high school senior who’d composed a novel, the first in a projected four-volume series about teenage girls receiving powers from the Greek gods to defeat the Titans.

Katie had even landed a literary agent who thought he could sell the work.

I remember feeling inspired as I drove home that winter night after interviewing her.

Today, I dug out my report for a refresher. At the time of our interview, the 17-year-old was 60,000 words into the second novel.

She had sent out one–and only one–college application: to Notre Dame.

Searching her name online turned up my own news photo, snapped as I teetered on one of the Mattie family’s chairs.

There’s a YouTube video of her Ypsilanti High School valedictorian’s address in 2010.

And I discover that, nearly six years later, she’s a Notre Dame graduate and has won an award for filmmaking. Her website says she self-published the novel. And her LinkedIn profile lists her job as social media program manager at Fighting Irish Media.

Katie Mattie, I still find you inspiring!


One thought on “Remembering a special news story and getting an update on a special person

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