Another day, another distress call at Desert Breeze Senior Living



Emergency sirens wail in the distance, but as they draw nearer to Mission Lakes Country Club, we know where the paramedics are headed: Desert Breeze Senior Living.

In defiance of MLCC association bylaws, Desert Breeze Senior Living is the residential care facility that’s poaching in the neighborhood, occupying three rented houses.

IMG_9075Neighbors are accustomed to the Riverside County fire department vehicles and ambulances from American Medical Response clogging the street as paramedics answer distress calls.

Among the glories Desert Breeze Senior Living contributes to the neighborhood are noise, commotion, and congestion. Employees, vendors, inspectors, and visitors come and go. Their clutter of vehicles introduces a junkyard feel.

Desert Breeze Senior Living cites a legal loophole for its presence.

They take for granted the neighbors’ willingness to tolerate them. Asked about Desert Breeze Senior Living, neighbors say, “I don’t agree with it,” and “They don’t belong in a country club community.”

Other posts in this blog have reported the neglectful deaths of two dogs at 64507 Brae Burn Avenue, the same address where the paramedics recently responded.

Losing those animals has disinclined us to continue putting up with Desert Breeze Senior Living.



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