Last portraits of Shaky, the doomed dog who lived in the sand at Desert Breeze Senior Living



Here are still photos captured from video that I shot January 3 during my last visit with Shaky.

Shaky had been “rescued”–so I was told–but was doomed to a solitary and miserable life in the sandpit backyard at Desert Breeze Senior Living, next door to my house, and developed anemia. Soon after this, Shaky was gone, and I learned she had been destroyed. She was only five years old and was the second dog in 18 months to die next door as the result of regrettable circumstances.

This is the text from my Facebook post of May 26, 2013:

Meet Shaky, the Dog Next Door. When I first bought my house on April 12, Shaky had the most ferocious, meanest bark ever and tried to bite me through the fence. She barked constantly and antagonistically while I was cleaning up the yard. I bought a box of bite-size biscuits and have been plying her twice a day since moving in. Also, a few table scraps for her, especially in this past week when I’ve had chicken bits. She still wouldn’t let me touch her, though—not until last evening when I petted her for the first time. She actually rolled over on her back, then scampered all around the yard. When I stroked her fur, I found that it’s caked with sand.

I think Shaky lives in the garage and never goes inside; she’s ignored and lonely. This morning she was waiting for me, didn’t bark once, let me reach through and touch her head and sides. My next quest is to get her out on furlough and play with her in my yard. I wonder if she’s ever had a collar around her neck and been on a leash. Next after that is to get her a bath!

* * *

Two years passed. In May of 2015, I posted another photo of Shaky and described her living conditions.

Here’s an excerpt from the lively discussion that followed.


Lynne had other words for me, too. But she was right. I should have spoken out. Maybe it wouldn’t have been too late.

Eight months later, Shaky was dead.

BloodyShaky02It’s been hard to get used her absence; I still look for her as I step out the back door.

And a particular response to the video stands out: “One wonders why they wanted Shaky in the first place … I guess some do-gooders can turn out to be no-gooders … ugh.”





2 thoughts on “Last portraits of Shaky, the doomed dog who lived in the sand at Desert Breeze Senior Living

  1. There is a special place in hell for animal and children abusers. Why have an animal if you don’t care for it? We have two great granddogs, son and partner’s, and a smart grandcat, daughter’s, So well cared for.

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