Sue Grafton’s next novel, taming a trailing spiderwort, and addresses for Mars

Sue Grafton’s new novel is Y for Yesterday. Her next could be Z for Retirement. From mystery writing, anyway. She may still have it in her to write a great series about marine mammals putting their heads together and coming up with a scheme to outwit the shipping industry. (She can let me know if she gets a better suggestion.) Isn’t it about time to be outraged about whales dying from ships’ propeller slashes? Looking at some photos of the results will make you want to dial M for murder.

Six dollars got all this at the weekend pop-up market. The cherries are unbelievable.

Timothy Lenderking is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Gulf Affairs. Is he from a family of preeminent bankers? If the name is literal, they sure didn’t work at the cobbler’s bench.

A good epitaph for someone who spun yarns: Tell You the Rest Later.

Amazon’s strategy is to remake Whole Foods into Half Paycheck.

Title of memoir: Drinking Your Bathwater. Maybe my memoir, but I’d never drink your bathwater. Well, OK, a little bit. If it’s your memoir, I’ll know you’re not talking about me because no one has ever drunk my bathwater. Not that I haven’t offered it.

If memory serves, do facts volley?

I tossed Lorazepam on the ground. The wandering jew relaxed and stayed home.

Tradescantia pallida, or wandering jew, is a shade-tolerant scrambling plant, a species of spiderwort.

And the Sports Report… 

May each NFL anthem-sitter sustain a season-ending earlobe injury.


Underground NFL results:

Grubs of Greater Greensboro 43-North Arkansas Annelids 38 

Lubbock Lucky Lichens (Go Green! Go Red!) 21-Tri-State (NJ, NY, CT) Voles 20

Woonsocket Snakes 31-Tangled Roots of the Low Country 17 


Addresses for Mars:

Waters, Warren & Scolds, Attorneys

3 Capital Circle

Underfield, Vastitas Borealis 7.373×0.496=3.657008


Rocky Dusty Cars

427 Stroker Street

New Daytona, East Hesperia Planum 4.25×3.76


Red Planet Ant Farms

7 Island of Silver Way

Argyre Planitia, Southern Highlands 347/348


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