Getting to the point of buying a car with carbs and hearing that clickety fuel pump

A friend whose collection nears 10 cars has just bought his first with carburetors. It’s a 1971 MGB converted to Webers. The other cars have fuel-injected engines. This MGB was a deal-sweetener in the exchange of two midengine boondoggles, one from Italy for one from England.

He reports a pleasant surprise: “Really a nice driver. Starts right up. Oil pressure/temp good. It grows on you. A nice growl. And a classic design.”

For his daughter, a sixth-grader, it was the first time to put manual windows up and down. In a photo she looked a little cranky. 

Choking the carbs has been the new owner’s odd challenge. “Forgot that cars had to be warmed up, coaxed a bit before they are happy. Usually I’m kind to my cars until they have warmed up. But the MGB won’t let you do anything until it’s good and ready.

“The slow clicking of the fuel pump when you turn the key, before you start it, is much more interesting than the buzz fuel-injected cars make.”  

The only downside so far was removing the hard top.

He called his British friend to help translate the owner’s manual. The British friend said, ‘Bollocks!'”

“How did people endure crank windows?”

Baggy Paragraphs

Q. What if you request Siri to dial Stanford hospital but she gets you Ford hospital in Detroit?

A. Ford has faster transit to the morgue.

Is political correctness taking a toll on women named Dixie? Are adult Dixies shunned? What about baby Dixies? One site lists Dixie as being 1,395th in popularity for girls in 2017. I don’t know if that’s the top ten or bottom ten percent until someone tells me how long the list is.. If a woman named Dixie gets nominated for dogcatcher in Douglas, Georgia, will she be hounded into adopting another name? If nominated for game commissioner in La Crosse, Wisconsin, will she be badgered? 

Q. How can anyone sleep with pillow ticking?

A. It’s quieter than the quilt’s batting.

Sports Report

BYU player Squally Canada has the best running back’s name since I.M. Hipp carried for Nebraska in the late-1970s.

I watch with interest for repercussions from the refusal of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association to hold the flag at the Browns’ season opener. Is this just the start of pushback against anthem-sitters?

Me to A/C maestro Phil Segrist: “Get over here fer yer check before I wager all available on the Pats’ repeating.”

One thought on “Getting to the point of buying a car with carbs and hearing that clickety fuel pump

  1. I had a car like this for a little while and frankly, its diminutive size scared the feathers off of me. I had already taken a deer through the windshield of my Datsun 280Z, so I learned the law of gross tonnage. So another eager kid got the car and I drove big pickups from then on.

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