What shoes are saying to each other in light of the First Lady’s visit to Houston

Drunken Shoes 01

Shoes, especially women’s shoes, are a favorite of mine. They bring out my inner Andy Warhol. Here, I experimented a bit. I’m trying for washes that “read” better on the scanner. I need to use staining pigments; the violets and grays don’t read at all. Eventually, I’ll figure this out. Also, I need to go back to boards instead of the block of watercolor paper I’ve been using, which was chosen mainly because the 6×8-inch sheets fit the scanner. Smooth boards give a better result with the lettering. In the initial sketch of this cartoon, I absent-mindedly drew a series of circles and squares linked with a line. Deciding then to experiment, I made the garland of a church, baseball, cheese, lemon, Christmas ornament-space station, crabby clown, partially eaten cake, and a planet. It’s all just unrestrained fun for me.

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