Noble play onfield, smutty mouths in commercials, and that’s it for football till draft time

Super Bowl first-half notes: “God Bless America” was better than Pink’s blowzy R&B anthem. Thank goodness she at least spat out her gum before lyp-synching. Player intros: Chris Hogan played lacrosse at Penn State? Team intros: Why does the announcer sound so gruff? Bud Light troops rally forth to initiate the sequence of BL ads. This campaign is funny. And Ram Truck with the disconsolate Vikings couldn’t be cleverer. Doritos Blaze with rapper Peter Dinklage and rapper Morgan Freeman for Mountain Dew Ice in juxtaposition—hah-hah! Brand synergies on display. Al and Chris are the best announcers. Joe Buck is awfully good but Chris outshines Troy. And Nantz is fine but Romo way too wordy. Brady should have jumped for the catch. I’d take LeGarrette Blount over Marshawn Lynch any day. Unbelievable pick by Harman. The Eagles are smothering Gronk, and it has made a big difference. Nice TD run by White. But a missed extra point! Gostkowski then tackles the runner on the kickoff. Australia ad is the second to break the illusion and reach through the screen. And Persil does much the same but it’s just soapy. Besides Ram, where are the car ads? Great run after catch by Clement. Each team has three fine backs. Hey, Foles can catch! Wow that was a big play. I had wondered what might happen if fourth down came up.

Super Bowl second-half notes: I went for a walk around the yard during Justin Timberlake’s halftime show. Because of the super-nice weather here all the house’s doors and windows are open with screens, so I could still hear it. He’s not my type of songbird. Game begins again and Al fluffs it saying Pats defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will be the Pistons’ new coach. Yay, Detroit! Second time Al’s mentioned the coaching change at the Lions and about the most Detroit has ever been mentioned during a Super Bowl. The Pats have been re-Gronked in the second half but Clement sure made a big play, although I think he got the benefit of the doubt. Eew. Creepy Steven Tyler for Kia. (At first I thought it was Kyle Petty with AIDS.) TD Hogan. There’s a shot to the suite to see the jubilation. Too bad Brady had to settle for fat and dumpy. And more hometown music leading to commercial break. This time it’s Boston; last was J. Geils. The Wrangler-Jurassic ad reversed all clichés—brilliant writing. Oh look. Floyd Mayweather wearing a fur vest that looks like it came from REI and a flock of geese. I missed Toyota’s spot for Mobility. I hope it wasn’t extolling robot cars. It’s getting trashy out there in Ad Land. First was that #bleepdontstink fiasco for Febreze and now another creep-out, as usual, from Jack in the Box and that serial-killer mascot with the skin-crawly slacker’s voice–which I want to see in a Honduran landfill–and guess who Martha Stewart, now apparently entering her 50s. Wow, Eagles FG kicker Elliot is the skinniest football player ever. Ye gods, I’m still in shock having seen Eli and Odell dancing cheek-to-cheek for the NFL. Hey, the Pats saved Gronk for the end of that drive. With the two missed kicks this would be 37-32 instead of 33-32. Lots of star power in the Alexa ad. I recognized Anthony Hopkins but no others. Shows my lack of sidereal knowledge. Pats defense is alive. Ertz catches it twice. I’d call that one a TD. This is such a fine game with trick plays, individuals excelling, few penalties or gaffes, but missed PATs. I like it when there are weird scores like this. Ah, Brady is stripped and suddenly the myth is neutralized. Foles moves under center. Two-minute warning: shouldn’t it have channel buoys and harbor lights, if not a Fresnel lens in a tower? Stella Artois ad is a little objectionable with it’s claim, “This chalice changes everything.” A beer glass is a goblet at best, pals. Rookie toe comes through again. Two members of Super Bowl 51 titlists, Chris Long and Blount, both former Pats who moved to Eagles as free agents, stand to repeat tonight with rings. Brady in rare desperation. Congrats to Philly and Foles. And to fillies and foals. Brandon Graham is a hero! Michele Tafoya knows his daughter’s name, Abigail, I think she said, and that it’s her birthday. Michele gets confetti in her hair. And we end on a compelling note with Ironman and Shaun White.

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