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Why the Saintly Secretary and brave U.N. envoy inspire (and then there’s Sarah!)


Betsy DeVos, who from this great distance appears to be a living saint, inspires me to think of the Trump administration’s cabinet-level suavity. Say what you please about the prez, but differences with Rex Tillerson aside, he put together a great cabinet.

For example, the Secretary of Education thinks like the R&D chiefs I interviewed for an upcoming story. What all say is: Let’s push for innovation.

From her family enterprise she would know that American business, as well as many other aspects of society, have undergone extensive reorganization, but not the government or government-run schools.

Take for example her tweet of March 6:

“Does this look familiar? Students lined up in rows. A teacher in front of a blackboard. Sit down; don’t talk; eyes up front. Wait for the bell. Walk to the next class. Everything about our lives has moved beyond the industrial era. But American education largely hasn’t.”

DeVos has devoted most of her life and some of her fortune to improving–nay, saving–education from its longtime residence in the rathole. Pres. Trump couldn’t have chosen better. 

And then there’s Nikki Haley. She was born Nimrata Randhawa. The family called her Nikki to help her fit into the scene in Bamberg, South Carolina. Or maybe it was because she kept chipping the furniture.


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