Monday Night Football circles the toilet bowl except for Booger

Notes on this season’t new broadcast team on MNF:

Joe Tessitore is too emphatic and the sounder of single note, like Jack Friday gone digital. I don’t like him. Couldn’t ESPN find someone better?

Jason Witten is just awful: wordy, overstating the obvious, too middle-of-the-road to nowhere. He’s a case of weissbier every week.

Lisa Salter stands out in no special way except that her cousin is Tony Dorsett, who answers here texts during the show. 

The pleasant surprise is Booger McFarland, whose country expressions are a delight. A player runs around “like a dog in a meathouse.” Someone’s arms are “longer than the Mississippi River.” This kind of folksy vernacular is welcome in what’s otherwise an overprocessed narrative. 

I do enjoy the slick visual presentation. And it’s interesting to hear them already plugging coverage of the 2019 NFL draft. This time it moves to Nashville, and there’s a new format with ABC jumping in for two nights of primetime coverage. Although if Tessitore is the main voice, I might watch with the mute button. 

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