A rocky landscape and muralized house make this Modernism Week garden stand out



Zio Ziegler accepted the commission to create a mural at the entrance of Tod Mostero’s Palm Springs house and flew from San Francisco to execute the work.

After creating the colorful and mysterious panel, he asked Mostero’s permission to continue. The result was another dozen or so brush drawings on the cream-colored walls. Even the storage shed has a mural.

Mostero later painted the house black to better feature the murals.


Then he commissioned William Kopelk of InsideOutside–who is also chairman and founder of Modernism Week–to re-do the landscaping.

The result at 444 W. Via Lola Ave. is a singular house and garden in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town.

Captained by HL Todd, our crew of five volunteer docents answered questions and kept people from stumbling into the agaves.

Some ModWeek guests said they couldn’t live with the murals. I was unsure whether the art would be an ongoing source of wonder or become boring. It struck me as being the same as deciding one day to have your entire body tattooed.

But it was a fun place to hang out on an 80-degree afternoon. And I was reminded that in Palm Springs, people are free to experiment. The Ziegler Mural House is a good example of it.

Maybe I should muralize the back of my own house, and maybe the neighborhood association wouldn’t complain.

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