Budd Gauger, now eligible to attend Heaven’s weekly chicken auction

In the spring of 1986, a few months after we had arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from a distant state, my wife Susan and I met Budd Gauger, who became one of our dearest friends. This meeting occurred at a gathering of University of Nebraska alumni in a Toledo restaurant. Budd and I found common… More Budd Gauger, now eligible to attend Heaven’s weekly chicken auction

Game of the Century

Waiting for the game was like waiting for Christmas itself. We woke up on Monday, pinched ourselves, and counted only three more days. On Tuesday, two more days. And then an interminable Wednesday, the clock using a walker to drag itself around. Finally, it arrived: Thanksgiving Day, 1971. The Nebraska Cornhuskers would play the Oklahoma Sooners. … More Game of the Century

Red Leather Dates

The Nebraska Cornhuskers used to win the Big Eight football title and get to the Orange Bowl pretty regularly. The Cornhuskers first appeared in the Miami classic in 1955, the year of my birth, losing to fourteenth-rated Duke, 34-7. Returning twice in the 1960s, they had a win over Auburn and a loss to Alabama. Then, in the 28-year period that started in 1971, the road between Nebraska and Florida was traveled 14 times. … More Red Leather Dates

Budd’s New TV

At some point in his life my friend Budd must have decided that learning anything technical or mastering the fine points of everyday gadgets was incompatible with his asceticism. He is exclusively devoted to the pure and the good. Helping him to pick out a new TV was going to be a challenge, but I… More Budd’s New TV

Super Cheese

Just when it looked as though the Cardinals had rallied from being ten down and would go ahead before halftime, the James Harrison made the stunning goal-line interception and 100-yard runback for touchdown, which raised the roof and ballooned the Steelers’ lead to 17-7. It was one of the most dramatic football moments ever. … More Super Cheese