Raceway Guy

David May, of Walker, Michigan, caught my eye on Saturday night at Berlin Raceway. You just don’t see a fine gentleman like him on the infield of every racetrack. I tracked him down near the concession stand and asked him to pose. Looking close, you’ll notice the earplugs. … More Raceway Guy

An Elf and His Subie

A 1992 Subaru Loyale station wagon wasn’t an everyday sight in 1992 and sure as hell isn’t today, in 2009, so I had to ask the fellow about it at the gas pump near Joliet. He was of slight stature and florid complexion, animated and friendly, wispily white-haired and speaking in an accent I pegged as German Alpine. In fact, he might have been the type of guy to open the liftgate of his wagon and try selling me a cuckoo clock. … More An Elf and His Subie

Men to Boys

My grandmother used to tell me to enjoy my youth, because the fun stopped with the coming of adulthood. “Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity,” by Gary Cross, defines the phenomenon of “basement boys” or “boy-men”—the guys who move back in with mom and dad to play video games and watch violent adventure movies. … More Men to Boys