Outline Notes from Bluth’s Stinson Book

Edward A. Stinson, b. July 11, 1894, at Fort Payne, Alabama; m. Estelle Judy, Oct. 1, 1919; exhibition flying and instructing, 1912 to 1917; Instructor, U.S. Army and test pilot, Curtiss Co., 1917 to 1919; Commercial flying 1919 to 1925. World endurance record Mineola, N.Y., Dec. 30, 1921. President of Stinson Sales Corp., 1925; address 8226 Wilson Ave., Detroit. … More Outline Notes from Bluth’s Stinson Book

The Tillotson Construction Story

Looking back, Dad was really an adventurous contractor. Way ahead of his time but I guess he was driven to flight because he was worn out from driving. During the early years of his business, driving 100,000 miles a year was the norm. … More The Tillotson Construction Story

Ed Force One

My gaze drifted from the paper to the airport’s runway just as a Boeing 757 lifted its nose into the air and thundered away. “Ed Force One” bore the Iron Maiden logo on the forward part of the fuselage, and the tail was painted with the band’s mummy mascot, Ed. I’m used to seeing the gaudily arrayed buses of touring artists and the tractor-trailer rigs of NASCAR or other racing teams, but this massive jet with a mummy on its tail was a first. … More Ed Force One