Impish Angus & the Volt Boys

All the singer from Newcastle knew was that a rock band in London was looking for a front man. It was guaranteed worthwhile to come down and audition. He borrowed money for a rental car and made the trip. Arriving at the address, he found some fellows playing pool and assumed they were the musicians—but they were just the crew. After 20 minutes the band’s manager came downstairs looking for him and summoned him up to the rehearsal room. Brian Johnson was stunned when he entered, asking, “Is this who I think it is?” … More Impish Angus & the Volt Boys

Ed Force One

My gaze drifted from the paper to the airport’s runway just as a Boeing 757 lifted its nose into the air and thundered away. “Ed Force One” bore the Iron Maiden logo on the forward part of the fuselage, and the tail was painted with the band’s mummy mascot, Ed. I’m used to seeing the gaudily arrayed buses of touring artists and the tractor-trailer rigs of NASCAR or other racing teams, but this massive jet with a mummy on its tail was a first. … More Ed Force One

AC/DC in Concert

      AC/DC, The Palace of Auburn Hills, November 5, 2008 As the first chords sounded inside the arena, someone in the men’s room line said, “Don’t worry, the intro is two minutes long.” But the line was as long as “Rock and Roll Train” turned out to be. Getting to my seat for … More AC/DC in Concert